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Kansas, Missouri and the entire Midwest’s home for fabric buildings and fabric building installation.  Offering modern designs tailored to meet your needs, we are the leading distributor AND INSTALLER of fabric structures for all industries in the Midwest. From bulk storage for salt, sand, etc to equipment storage, recycling, composting, hay, aviation, and cattle buildings, we have options that will keep you covered!

Introducing Cost-Effective Solutions for Designing & Constructing Fabric Buildings!

Centrally located in Missouri we have installed fabric buildings structures throughout the Midwest.  We specialize in building tested and reliable fabric structures that qualify to withstand almost all environmental and functional challenges. Manufactured with durable materials, our clean-cut fabric structures are available in ready-to-use and custom-made designs.

Structural Integrity through Independent Testing & Scrutiny System

Throughout our 12 years of successful service, we have partnered with the premier fabric building manufacturers to make sure that each tension fabric building is engineered and customized according to each customer’s needs. The manufacturer’s data-based testing and structural conformity enables us to not only meet but exceed our customer’s needs.

What We Do

Fabric Building Installation

Fabric Building Installation

As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with out clients. We value our role in the success of your project.

Fabric Building Engineering

Fabric Building Engineering

Fabric Buildings

Fabric Buildings

Fabric buildings are a versatile alternative to traditionally constructed buildings, allowing for purpose-built storage solutions that are cost-effective.

We have served a variety of industries including:

  • Equine riding arenas
  • Aviation facilities
  • Buildings for recreational purposes
  • Warehouses
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Salt storage
Fabric Building Agriculture
Fabric Building Structures

Our Fabric Buildings:

  • Are Lightweight in nature
  • Are designed to diffuse daylighting and minimize energy costs
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Offered in widths up to 400ft and any length required
  • Can be used for temporary or permanent constructions
  • Come in a variety of designs
  • Can be easily relocated to other destinations
  • Are cost efficient
  • Have flexible design aesthetics to meet requirements of any commercial, residential or industrial infrastructure

Our Mission

We aim to make sustainable buildings accessible to all our valued customers by reducing manufacturing and installation costs, and expanding the options for construction designs.

Our Philosophy

In 12 years we have mastered the art of installing high quality and reliable tension fabric building designs. Our philosophy is to provide sustainable and low-cost construction and building solutions through our services.

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