Single Truss Series

Single Truss Buildings are quick-to-install, provide clear-span interiors and can be used for a variety of uses.  This series provide a naturally bright environment and are a low maintenance option for agricultural, storage and warehousing and more. The buildings are generally set on a wood post or concrete foundation.

These are our most cost effective building solution designed for quick installation and can generally be installed in less time than a conventional buildings.

Single Truss Connectors

Our connectors are the heaviest of any competing design. We manufacture using 1/8” walled tubing. The tubing is swaged to the inner diameter of the rafter tube for a tight and superior fit. The connectors are zinc plated post fabrication. A clear chromate is applied on top for additional corrosion



With our design, the entire structure is tied together. This is not true of competing single truss designs. 3/16” cable is threaded through each row of purlins. The cable is tightened using forged turnbuckles.

Tube Finish

All rafter and tie down tubes are made from Gatorshield or galvalum coated tubing. Both coatings provide exceptional corrosion resistance. Tubing Strength is 50/55.


Our 12.5 ounce 24 mil thick material is constructed from a double weave of tapes for superior strength, flatness and tear properties. Each side is given 2.5 mil polyethylene coating for improved abrasion resistance. Finally, a top coat is added for improved UV, mold and mildew resistance.

24' Single Truss

24′ Single Truss

STB24X-ST 24′ Wide X 9′ 11 1/4″ tall single truss fabric building

30' Single Truss

30′ Single Truss

STB30X-ST 30′ Wide X 11′ 8 3/4″ tall single truss fabric building.

35' Single Truss

35′ Single Truss

STB35X-ST 35′ Wide X 14′ 4″ tall single truss fabric building.

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