Reliable and Cost-Effective Storage Solutions!

Traditional construction of commercial storage can be expensive. From purchasing costly construction materials and installing traditional construction can take up a large portion of your budget.

Tension fabric material is a cost-effective solution and manufactured in a large variety of designs and sizes to meet your commercial storage requirements. By reducing environmental impact, tension fabric material minimizes maintenance costs and provides ideal storage environment for all kinds of commercial materials, machinery and equipment.

Salt, Sand Storage

Roads and public works departments have come to almost exclusively rely on fabric buildings for storing salt because of it’s durability in corrosive environments.  We are the preferred installer for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Oil, Gas and Mining Storage

All commercial structures are customized to specific needs of all industries. For the oil, gas and mining industry, we offer unique construction building types to keep the covered environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity under control.


From temperature maintenance to light control and humidity management, our tension fabric warehousing solutions allow you to avoid corrosion and maximize durability of the inventory.


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