Our structures, manufactured with tension fabric and coated steel can fulfill the requirements of all your recreational spaces. From pavilions to sporting facilities, we are here to help with our unique structures.

Our tension fabric structures are suitable to use in:

  • Tennis courts
  • Soccer facilities
  • Riding arenas
  • Parking facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Hockey rinks
  • BMX bike parks
  • Entertainment parks
  • Game zones
  • Music facilities
  • Outdoor party and entertainment facilities
  • And all other types of recreational facilities

The light design of tension fabric allows natural light to pass through and illuminate the space. From free-span interiors to poles and supporting structures, our tension fabric structures help maintain the pace of sport or entertainment activity.

The bright, airy and well-ventilated tension fabric structures are expertly designed and engineered to meet your project needs. Our expert engineers create comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces while ensuring to make the most of the available space. During summertime, the tension fabric allows bright sunlight to pass through while maintaining appropriate exchange of air to keep the space cool. During winter, the unique fabrication of tension fabric ensures keeping the space warm and comfortable.