Reliable and Cost-Effective Storage Solutions!

An aesthetically appealing and reliable alternative to traditional horse barns and equestrian arenas, our tension fabric equines are all you need to minimize your construction cost and make the most of the available area. The translucent fabric allows exchange of air and light while preventing shadows that can spook horses.

From dressage areas to hunter-jumper training facilities, barrel racing structures, horse riding arenas, calf roping competition and other areas, we help you make the most of the available space with our amazing designs and structures. The use of tension fabric allows us to multiply the usability and gains of the available space. From 30-feet to 300-feet width spans, our tension fabric materials can cover large spaces.

All our equine structures are constructed with tension fabric and supported by rigid frame of PVC, wood or metal. The construction and installation cost of tension fabric is comparatively lower than traditional construction materials. All our equine structures have flexible foundation designs that are easy and quick to install.  Unlike conventional material, our tension fabric is easy to relocate and recycle.

With a variety of foundation options we are sure to have a suitable option for your new arena.