Worried about storing your crops or building indoor space for your cattle?

Our low cost, low maintenance tension fabric structures can help you keep your crops and cattle safe, and your business running!

Dairy Barns & Cattle Barns

Did you know that your cattle remains happy and healthy in an environment with natural light and fresh oxygen supply? Maintain a well-ventilated, airy, bright and peaceful environment for your cattle with our structures.

Machine Storage

Want to keep your farming machines rust-free? Our tension fabrics prevent unwanted moisture from dampening the environment and keep your machine storage areas fresh with bright light and fresh air supply.  With a fabric building, you will have natural light to make working on equipment easier while keeping away from the elements.

Hay Storage

Keep your hay well-protected and ready-to-use with fabric buildings. Choose from enclosed sides and end walls or open.

Domestic and Commercial Usability

No matter the type of farm you operate, our tension fabric materials are great for maintaining ideal environments for machines, cattle, crops and hay. The unique fabrication of our tension fabric materials allows the air to pass through without leaving the indoor air dampened.

Why Use Tension Fabric Materials in Agriculture?

Though tension fabric structures have become have gained popularity in the agriculture industry recently, these structures have been in use in agriculture a long time. Tension fabrics are readily used all across the US and Canada.


Modern engineering allowed tensions fabric to:

  • Maintain required dryness indoors
  • Allow natural light to pass through and brighten up the indoor environments
  • Filter natural light from UV rays to keep the crops safe for long time
  • Maintain cool environment during summer and provide adequate warmth in winter

Fabric covered areas do not require high maintenance cost. Considering the increasing costs of organic agriculture, tension fabric is a suitable choice to decrease production costs and investments. It also reduces installation costs and energy bills.

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