Fabric Buildings

Fabric Building by the DOB Group

Fabric buildings are a versatile alternative to traditionally constructed buildings, allowing for purpose-built storage solutions. The dimensions of the buildings can be customized for each application and the simple design saves you from spending time and money on traditional architectural planning. Our skilled team is focused on quick, efficient installation in order to minimize service disruptions on your property.

Fabric buildings provide natural ventilation and light, allowing for significant long term savings on top of the affordable initial purchase. Our materials provide a high level of solar reflectance, keeping heat out while maintaining a cool interior environment. We strive to use green building materials in every structure to add to the list of sustainable benefits of a fabric building.

Our structures are durable and built to last, often at a reduced cost compared to typical construction methods and materials. Each building includes an extremely durable steel frame to withstand almost any condition for years to come. We offer a wide variety of materials that satisfy worldwide structural and environmental standards to help you develop a structure that meets your needs. An added benefit of our fabric buildings is the versatile and portable nature of their design. If your building needs shift over time, our team can help you relocate and reinstall the structures at your request. Our structures can be set on many different kinds of foundations, so construction is quick and inexpensive compared to traditional steel, wood, or concrete structures.

Fabric Building Profiles

Our designs are professionally engineered. Compare our building with any other. You will generally find higher and steeper arches, greater chord depths, more purlins per bay and more webbing between truss chords. Compare our buildings with any others. You are getting a lot more building at a competitive price.

Single Truss Fabric Building
Single Truss Fabric Buildings

Single Truss Buildings are quick-to-install, provide clear-span interiors and can be used for a variety of uses.

These are our most cost effective building solutions designed for quick installation and can generally be installed in less time than a conventional buildings.

Single Truss Leg Fabric Buildings
Single Truss Leg Fabric Buildings

The single truss leg system is designed with a taller profile which easily mounts to a ground level foundation or wall.

This is an ideal profile to store smaller equipment, boats, RV’s, travel trailers, lawn equipment, etc— Or for any application where more height is needed.

Standard Profile Fabric Buildings
Standard Profile Fabric Buildings

Our standard profile is the oldest produced line and still most popular

Applications include livestock buildings, agricultural equipment storage buildings, commercial warehouses, and storage buildings for industrial users. These building models are designed for both wall mount and ground mount applications.

Low Slope Fabric Buildings
Low Slope Fabric Buildings

Our Low Slope profile is designed with a lower overall height and generally used in conjunction with a taller foundation.

These buildings are popular  with tall post foundations, such as for cattle feeding. Also these buildings are used for tall concrete foundations or stacked shipping containers.

5-Foot Leg Profile Fabric Building
5′ Leg Profile Fabric Buildings

A 5′ tall leg is built into this profile offering greater height and clearance at the side of the building, allowing for more useable space for machinery or equipment.

Additional height can be added by mounting the building to a foundation.

10-Foot Leg Profile Fabric Building
10′ Leg Profile Fabric Buildings

A 10′ tall leg is built into this profile offering the greatest height and clearance at the side of the building. This allows for maximum usable space for machinery or equipment.

Additional height can be added by mounting the building to a foundation.

Gable Profile Fabric Building
Gable Profile Fabric Buildings

The Gable profile has been called our most aesthetically pleasing fabric building design. It is used in a wide variety of applications from salt and sand storage, flat grain storage, manufacturing facilities, warehousing, dairy barns and equine riding arenas and more.

This profile offers maximum building height and clearance and has almost unlimited applications.

Fabric Building Engineering

Fabric Building Engineering by the DOB Group

For more information please check out our partners’ websites:

www.guard-all.com •  www.span-techbuildings.com • Skylight Fabric Structures

They each take pride in the attention to detail they put into their buildings at every step of the process. Engineering teams have spent years researching and developing the designs and materials used in every building they construct. All aspects of their structures have been tested rigorously to withstand the test of time so that you can be sure of your investment.

Each of their fabric buildings feature a durable steel frame to provide stability for the fabric enclosure. On top, our weatherproof fabrics have been tested and proven to withstand the elements and harsh weather conditions. After finalizing the application and dimensions of your fabric building, the next step is to decide which fabric to use. You can pick from our selection of fabrics that meet flame retardant, weather-resistant, and natural force requirements. Our industry experts are happy to assist you at every step of the process and have no problem answering any questions or concerns.

All of the products are made in the U.S.A to ensure that they meet the highest regulatory standards. Fabric buildings are a sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods, and we focus on sourcing eco-friendly materials to promote sustainable growth. This meticulous material selection process allows us to provide long lasting purpose-built fabric buildings.

Fabric Building Installation

Fabric Building Installation

The installation process of our fabric buildings is much quicker and efficient than that of traditional structures. We offer custom designs to cater to a variety of applications, and the dimensions of each building are completely customizable. We utilize a similar underlying design structure in every building we erect to save you time and money during the planning stages.

An often overlooked feature of fabric buildings is the often portable nature of their design. Our buildings can be anchored directly into the ground, allowing for easy setup and removal without a permanent poured concrete foundation. We want to ensure our customers are always satisfied with their investment, regardless of the construction date. Should your building needs change over time, our team is able to relocate the structure to suit any application. We understand that businesses adapt over time, and we strive to accommodate any request, even after the job is complete.

Our professional team will be on site throughout the entire build process should you have any questions or concerns as it is constructed. After construction is complete, our team will provide a walkthrough to showcase the features and explain building maintenance requirements.

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