We are reputed for Our Reliable Fabric Structure Solutions

Over the last 12 years we have become a leading provider of high quality tension fabric structures for customers throughout the Midwest. Be it industrial, commercial, agricultural, recreational or any other type of design, we are experts at delivering you your specific design requirements.

We Offer Low Cost and Smart Tension Fabric Structures

Tension fabric structure has become the future of the construction industry. As it can be used for temporary or permanent constructions, tension fabric structure is a cost-effective solution in almost any industry.  It is already used for almost all residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Supported by aluminum, timber, steel or rigid plastic frame, tension fabric structures are stretched over the infrastructure to provide decades of reliable protection.

Therefore, tension fabric structures demand exclusive scrutiny and care in the selection and installation process.  We partner with several different manufacturers to provide expertise in every aspect of the building selection and engineering process.  We have also picked the best manpower to make sure that each step of the tension fabric installation is safeguarded with professionalism.

Why Choose Us?

Serving our valued customers for over 12 years, we understand that providing high quality structures is not enough. The requirements of each customer are unique. Therefore, each customer needs a building customized to meet their specific design requirements.

When choosing the tension fabric structures, we keep two types of customer needs in consideration.

Functional Needs – The size, shape, framework material and other functional specifications need to be considered when choosing the tension fabric product.

Environmental Needs – Environmental applications such as fire resistance, wind/snow resistance and others cannot be ignored when selecting your new building. 

By keeping the functional, environmental and other needs in consideration, we provide our valued customers with fabric structures that provide the best value for their money.

Our Tension Fabric Structures Can Be Manufactured To Meet the Requirements of Building Safety Codes

We provide tension fabric structure products and installation services in urban and remote areas. By ensuring reliability and durability in our tension fabric structures, we help you cut cost at each stage.  Our products are backed by industry leading warranties which helps reduce maintenance. Our tension fabric solutions can help you improve your business and increase your ROI.

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