10 Great Uses for Fabric Buildings

If you live in a rural area, you have probably seen them as you drive around – fabric buildings rising out of the ground, housing all manner of farm equipment, hay, livestock feed and other country essentials. But there is more to those fabric buildings than just livestock, and there are plenty of reasons to choose this relatively inexpensive option over metal, wood and other building materials.

You do not have to be a farmer, or even live in a rural area, to benefit from the fabric building craze. Once considered unusual, fabric buildings have been springing up everywhere, from suburban town centers to rustic farmscapes to the centers of cities.

Here are 10 great uses for those popular iconic fabric buildings:

Fabric Buildings Equipment Storage

If you need a solution to your storage problem, you need a fabric building. these buildings are great for storage, infinitely adaptable and highly versatile. Business owners can order their fabric buildings in a wide variety of sizes, from tiny enclosures that can protect paperwork from the elements to huge buildings that can house tractors and even tractor trailers.

fabric building equipment storage

No matter what you need to store, chances are a fabric building can help you store. Farmers have known about the potential of fabric buildings for years, but other business owners are finally catching on.

Pop-Up Garages

Fabric buildings are not just for business anymore. A growing number of homeowners are erecting these lightweight yet durable structures on their properties, and many are using them as ad-hoc garages.

If you have more vehicles than garage space, placing a fabric building at the end of the driveway or in an unused section of your yard could solve your dilemma. It can help your vehicles stay safe from the elements, deter theft and give you peace of mind every time you park.

Livestock Housing Fabric Buildings

Farmers have been using fabric buildings to house their livestock for decades. Fabric buildings are easy to erect, durable in even the harshest weather and simple to clean.

livestock fabric buildings

From cattle ranchers using fabric buildings to house their newborn calves to hog farmers using them for gestating sows, the possibilities are nearly endless. When you drive through farm country, you will see fabric buildings housing all manner of livestock.

Indoor Riding Arenas

If you love to ride but hate the cold and snow, a fabric building could be your salvation. Fabric buildings are great alternatives to costly metal riding arenas, easy to install, durable, light and airy.

Unlike steel buildings, which block out the sunlight as well as the rain, fabric buildings allow the sunlight to shine right through. That can make those winter rides easier and a lot more fun.

Fabric Buildings for Sports Practice

Having a sheltered place to practice is important for sports teams and individual players. Fabric buildings can provide that safe and sheltered space, allowing soccer players to practice their favorite moves and baseball players to check out their throwing speed.

fabric building sports

Sports leagues have long used fabric buildings to give their players a place to practice. In some cases, these structures are open for rental, giving residents a chance to practice and hone their skills before the playing season begins.

Chicken Coops

If you are anxious to join the backyard chicken revolution, a fabric building could make your life a lot easier. Small fabric buildings make wonderful chicken coops, giving the birds a safe place to roost and giving their owners a steady supply of eggs.

Fabric buildings are easy to clean, and that is a big plus for the owners of backyard chickens. Fabric buildings are also easy to secure, keeping the chickens safe from predators like minks, hawks, and coyotes.

Overflow Space for Healthcare Facilities

The need for healthcare services has never been higher, and having additional space could become the norm. Hospitals are using fabric buildings to house extra patients and perform triage during flu epidemics and other emergencies, while businesses often use these structures as emergency decontamination centers.

No matter how the facility uses them, fabric buildings are particularly well suited for healthcare settings. Their lightweight structure makes installation easy, and their open floor plans make them easy to disinfect and decontaminate.

Excavation Sites

Excavation and exploration are often mobile endeavors. Miners look for promising deposits in one area, then move on to the next plot when they deplete the area of its resources.

Fabric buildings are perfect for this type of work. It would be impractical to move a metal building, but relocating a fabric building could be as simple as pulling up stakes and shifting it a mile or two down the road.

Maintenance Facilities

Maintaining equipment is a big part of running a successful business, but it is easier said than done. Finding the space for all those oil changes and overhauls can be challenging, but fabric buildings are a big help.

Maintenance Facilities fabric buildings

Fabric buildings, often used for this purpose, house everything from municipal maintenance sheds to repair facilities for rental car fleets. If you need space to complete your maintenance, a fabric building could be the answer.

Wrapping Up

Fabric buildings have become increasingly popular in recent years, as business owners discover their true potential and see what they can do. Whether you are looking for extra garage space or a highly productive green space, chances are a fabric building can help you do it. The 10 ideas listed above are just a start; there are dozens of great uses for these lightweight, durable and affordable building alternatives.




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